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This is a site for just anyone to complain, or talk about anything without feeling stupid. :3
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 Bullshit. Sad Bullshit.

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PostSubject: Bullshit. Sad Bullshit.   Sat Aug 04, 2012 9:18 pm

A past boyfriend(not current -_-)
Okay so let me make this clear we decided to be "close friends" like before we dated. but honestly i really needed to get this off my chest...
rant starting v
Okay so you told me there was no spark and we didnt talk anymore. well i tried to talk to you. well you just ignored me. i called you. no answer.
So FUCK i dont know whos fault that is. NOT MINE.
and no spark?
well maybe if we actrully fucking talked maybe we'd still have that spark like we did in the begeining. We probly could have scheduled a actrul fucking date. and it would go from there.
Communcation is needed or there is really know real helping it.
Also you said there is some drama going on with you and someone. and agter that we could probly try again. welll maybe we can i dont fucking know. SO fuck it.
you said you still cared about me and loved me.
maybe we can try again i dont know.
I still love you.. <\3
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Bullshit. Sad Bullshit.

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